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28th April 2008, 14:26
Art of Darkness
Beyond the Comfort Zone

Welcome to Art of Darkness, an art site created by adults for adults

Our goal is to create an environment where adult art can be enjoyed with as few restrictions as possible; we do this by providing:

> A vibrant forum-based community that welcomes newcomers and is founded on constructive interaction between all members

> A shared online studio space with public Galleries, and Portfolio areas available to individual artists

> Regular Contests and Challenges, Featured Images, Artist Interviews, Product Reviews, Tutorials, and much more
We currently have many well-known names from the adult art community who regularly contribute to AoD, including:

Apostle (aka Phoenix1966), Arcas, Chimaera, DarthHell, Ehliasys, Elianeck, Etranger, Gwynplaine, IlGeco, JackPott, Joe Prahler, JPF, LM.Ant, MadBob, Max Render, mb109, Nightcelt, SallyForth, Shorterbus and many more

I even post a few images myself occasionally, and I can be contacted at any time if you have questions regarding the site: HieronymousCrowley@hotmail.com

We are a mainly 3d based art group, but we welcome all types of artist, and have a number of members who work in more conventional 2d media. We also have boards for animators, games writers, musicians and writers

Our Terms of Service (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/vbAOD/showthread.php?t=2) are designed to allow as much artistic freedom and flexibility as possible. There are still some restrictions however, and you should read the TOS before you begin posting here


http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/tink_003TH.jpg (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/tink_003.jpg)http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/apostle_003TH.jpg (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/apostle_003.jpg)http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/ilgeco_003TH.jpg (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/ilgeco_003.jpg)http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/arcas_003TH.jpg (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/arcas_003.jpg)http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/hier_003TH.jpg (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/hier_003.jpg)
http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/nightcelt_003TH.jpg (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/nightcelt_003.jpg)http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/elcid_003TH.jpg (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/elcid_003.jpg)http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/tmt_003TH.jpg (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/tmt_003.jpg)http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/warpedhalo_003TH.jpg (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/warpedhalo_003.jpg)http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/a995599_003TH.jpg (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/AoDSamples/Images/a995599_003.jpg)

Click a thumbnail to see the full-sized image
(Images may contain nudity)

Images from our annual Image of the Year contests (2008 to 2012), plus some other Contest Winners, can be found: HERE (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/vbAOD/forumdisplay.php?f=215)

If you like what you see, and have not already done so, then click HERE (http://artofdarkness.nfshost.com/vbAOD/register.php) to register at the site. Until you register you will not be able to access any of the various art galleries

Unfortunately, due to the tiresome activities of the spammer community, we have been forced to manually monitor all new users' first few posts on the Boards. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope you'll understand the reasons

7th June 2016, 13:19
Prospective new members, please note: AoD has now reached its End of Life

Although it will be staying open for a while, it is unlikely that any substantial new content will be posted here

Many of the artists who posted here can be found over at Nyghtfall's new Visions of Darkness (http://www.visionsofdarkness.com/) site, and I would recommend that you register there instead